• Education :


    Education helps in the mental and intellectual nourishment and growth of a person. Without education an individual cannot progress intellectually, and cannot develop skills and capacities to work. Education fosters the enlightenment, empowerment and emancipation of society. Without education a society will be socially, economically and politically backward. Education is what serves to make a nation strong, capable, powerful and resilient, and take it forward. Education is, therefore, very important for every individual person, and as a whole for every society and nation. Hence, education must be available to all the children and youth of a nation without any discrimination.

    Pre–primary Education (Creche):


    CRECHE PROGRAMME: IPDP has initiated Early Childhood Care and Education program for the children ranging from 3-6 years as pre primary education especially for the poor children in the slum areas. The main objective of the program is to prevent malnutrition and to improve the health condition. The program also aims to provide basic education for the poor children.
    IPDP marked its beginning for the Creche program in Jaibhuvaneshwari Nagar in Nandini Layout. Around 705 children are totally enrolled in the creche from the period 2004-2017. The children are then promoted to various other schools. Around 555 children are studying in Standard 1 to Standard 7 in Raghurama primary school, Highway public school, Bangalore central public school, Nandhini public school, Parikrma humanity foundation and other recognized schools in the nearby areas. IPDP has set its target to enroll the poor children in Creche so that they are not deprived from their birth rights.
    We are running this program to help the working women and to educate the people in slums to send their children for formal education. It helps in eradicating malnutrition and it also creates a good awareness for education and health aspects. The health checkup camps are also initiated for providing effective medical treatment to the children in the creche. Around 125 children are getting benefit under this program on an annual basis. This project is supported by Yahoo Employee Foundation India, Bangalore.

    1. Rajesh is continuing his studies and is in PUC.
    2. Krishnaveni is continuing her studies in 1st Degree.
    3. Sunil is continuing his studies in SSLC.

    Creche programme details from 2004 to 2017

    Slno. Name of Area where Creche is Located No of children enrolled in Creche Promoted to Parikrma School Promoted to Govt. School Promoted to Aided School
    1 Jaibhuvaneshwari Nagar 487 322 93 145
    2 Ullala upa Nagar 122 - 73 20
    3 Kodige halli 60 - 26 15
    4 Shambhavi nagar 36 - 25 -
      Total 750 322 217 180

    National child labour project (NCLP) Special School:


    NCLP SPECIAL SCHOOL :- IPDP’s the very first Objective is eradication of Child Labour system in the society to reach our objective we started the National Child Labor Project (NCLP) since its inception i.e. 2004 and till date we are running this project. The main objective of this project is to provide the rights of education; every child should enjoy their childhood rights up to the age of 14 years but in our country there are many children working below the age of 14 years hence to eradicate the child Labour system in our country.

    The Ministry of labour, Government of India has introduced this scheme, NCLP is supported by Ministry of Labor, Government of India and is implemented through the State Society for the Eradication of Child Labor. It is under the chairmanship of Deputy Commissioner of Bangalore Urban district, Bangalore.

    IPDP is working with the Government as join hands and running successfully the NCLP project by rehabilitating the child laborers and mainstreaming them to the formal school. Since 2004, IPDP has enrolled 693 children and mainstreamed around 509 children. Out of the 509 children, 380 children are still continuing their education in the formal schools. From IPDP the NCLP special school promoted children are studying from standard 5th standard to up to B.COM.

    1. Roopa completed B.com and is working as a Teacher in a School.
    2. Nikila Completed B.SC and working as a Teacher in a School.
    3. Ambika Completed B.com and working in a private company.

    NCLP Special School progress details from 2004 to 2017:


    Mid Day Meal programme (Akshara Dasoha):


    Akshara Dasoha (Mid Day Meal programme): IPDP is successfully running Akshara Dasoha Mid Day Meal program for around 11000 children in Government, Government aided schools and NCLP special schools in Bangalore urban district. The main objective of the scheme is to reduce the number of dropouts and to increase the number of enrollment in Government schools.
    This scheme is introduced by Government of India and State government with the sharing of 60:40 and the monitoring, supervising and execution of this scheme under Zilla Panchayat, Akshara dasoha section is headed by the EO (Educational Officer).
    We are serving food about 11000 children in and around 93 Government, Government aided schools and NCLP special schools in Nandhini Layout, Sondekoppa and Ullala clusters. We feel that it is a great challengeable job to us because every day cooking and supplying food for 11000 children is very tough task but to serve for the poor children’s benefit we have taken this scheme mid day meal program and implementing this scheme.
    There are various statasticts about out of school children nearly 5 lakh children are out of school and have entered into various sectors and establishments to work. But to bring back to school Government has introduced various schemes in order to enroll children to the schools. The Mid Day Meal program is playing a major role in increasing the number of enrollment and retention of school dropouts.

    1. In 2004 total no. of schools food supply by IPDP ‐ 14 schools
    2. In 2005 total no. of schools food supply by IPDP ‐ 31 schools
    3. In 2006 total no. of schools food supply by IPDP ‐ 85 schools
    4. In 2016 total no. of schools food supply by IPDP ‐ 92 schools
    5. In 2019 total no. of schools food supply by IPDP ‐ 94 schools

    MID DAY MEAL Weekly Menu: :

    • Monday

      Rice and Sambar

    • Tuesday

      Bisibele bath

    • Wednesday

      Rice and Sambar

    • Thursday

      Rice Sambar & vegetable bath

    • Friday

      Rice and Sambar

    • Saturday

      Sweet pongal &
            Kara ponga

    Residential Hostel (Ashakirana):


    Ashakirana residential hostel:- Ashakirana residential shelter was started at Jaibhuvaneshwari nagar in 2006 especially for the poor children with the support of Sarva Shikshana Abhiyana SSA government of India. The main aim of the scheme is to main stream the children who are out of school in Bangalore urban District and the Ashakirana residential shelter for “Children in Crisis” shifted from Jaibhuvaneshwari nagar, to No.2, 1st cross Kaveri nagar, Laggere Bangalore 560058 for 58 to 60 children and presently 56 children are benefiting from this project and enrolled in Mother Theresa school from 2nd Standard to 10th Standard and continuing their studies. They are provided with all sorts of facilities such as food, clothing, recreation, education and other required facilities. The main background of the children are from alcoholic families, broken families, single parents and other children facing various sorts of problems and which children are really needed support for continue their studies incase if we do not give admission then they stop their education and they go for work or simply waste their time and their future, therefore we approached our Donors and continuing the Ashakirana shelter for poor children since last 11 years. The shelter provides individual stay rooms for boys and girls And the Residential Shelter is supported by MCKS TRUST FUND for feeding of children and WEIR MINERAL INDIA for Maintenance of Salary and other requirements.

    From 2006 to 2019 6 batches completed in SSLC and 22 students passed SSLC and continuing their studies.

    1. Sameera is continuing in his studies in PUC Commerce
    2. Prajwal is continuing in his studies in PUC in Arts
    3. Srinivas is continuing in his studies in Degree College
    4. Sudeepa is continuing in his studies in Degree College
    5. Lakshmi is continuing in her studies in 1st PUC Commerce