• Community Development :


    Poverty Alleviation Programme:


    Bridge network is basically a collective of 11 NGO’s platform together who are involved in implementing right based programs. Each NGO has selected 2-3 slums of their area where there is real need and requirement. In the year 2006, IPDP selected slums such as Ullala Upanagar and Jai Bhuvaneshwari Nagar in order to work for the best objective. The main objective of the program is to properly mobilize the community and provide them trainings for their rights as well as to get their work done from the concerned departments. In this connection, we are organizing a number of programs especially for the community, women’s group and children group in order to fight for their basic amenities such as land, health, education, water, drainage, sanitary system, hospitals, electricity, PDS systems, schools and other types of issues related to women and children in the slums. Till now we have succeeded to get Primary health center in Ullala Upanagara and high school in Ullala Upanagara. The present focus is mainly on 22.75% scheme with BBMP and we have got sanction for 16 houses, which is in process. We are working with the community for BPL cards and helping them to submit their forms through online means. We are also working for the education rights for the high school construction. The entire program is supported by Action Aid India, Bangalore through the Bridge network.

    Safe Drinking Water Project :


    Integrated Project for Development of People has taken up the Safe drinking water project, a CSR initiative of TATA POWER SOLAR – Access to safe drinking water near TATA POWER SOLAR plant project sites around Pavagada/Ananthpur/Kadiri for strengthening the ability of Communities to Install & maintain sustainable and safe drinking water availability in 10 Villages of Karnataka and Andhra gram Panchayat or Wards. This Project covers 7,000 to 10,000 beneficiaries and among them 60% are SC &ST beneficiaries and another 40% are of general category. The Focus is to provide safe drinking water to the villages in selected Areas to protect the People from fluorosis and other water related health issues.
    Base line Survey for the Project: We have done the Base Line survey work in Pavagada, Ananthpura and Kadiri, in 14 villages and from them most deserving 10 villages were selected. There is real need as people are suffering from fluoride contamination and hardness in water. To protect the future generation from health related problems due to unsafe water, we have installed safe drinking water plants in 10 Villages with the support of TATA POWER SOLAR, as their CSR project.

    Feeding Programs for Senior citizens :


    IPDP has initiated this program for senior citizens of Bangalore urban slums previously from BBMP support Akshaya Pathra Foundation was serving food to the senior citizens in BBMP limit Areas but in 2013 they stopped the program after that they were waiting this feeding program but from Government it was not restarted, one of our Trustee Mr.S.Jayaraman had long term plan to serve the senior citizens by providing one meal to eradicate hunger of the old age people in the slums from IPDP we approached PRANIC HEALING FOUNDATION/ MCKS TRUST FUND about this feeding for poor Senior Citizens in the Urban slums and really there is a need for one time meal for the poor deserved old people and Identified the beneficiaries and submitted the proposal then this program was started and supporting this project and since last two years and they are supporting us to feed about 300 senior citizens at Jaibhuvaneshwari nagar, Lakshmidevi nagar Lakshmi devi nagara colony and Sanjay nagar slums in Laggere Areas in Bangalore Urban District.

    Feeding programme for Senior Citizens at Health Check up Camp:


    IPDP started this feeding project in 2006 to provide one meal to the health checkup camp senior citizens at Dr. Ramana rao’s free health checkup camp for the poor patients for the rural area senior citizens the patients leave their home by 6.00 am and they reach the village clinic by 8.00 am and return home by 10.30am, therefore we planned for this poor patients by giving them one meal will give more strength and energy to return home by hope I had something for my stomach and reach their home hence we approached PRANIC HEALING FOUNDATION/ MCKS TRUST FUND to support one meal for 600 patient’s and now it is increased up to 1200 patients this free health checkup and treatments started in 1974 by Dr.Ramana Rao and till date he serving for poor last 41 years at his free village clinic T.Begur Nelamangala taluk, Bangalore Rural District. Free service with love and dedication we cannot believe that one person doing health checkup for 1200 person in 4hours interested please give a visit to Dr.Ramana Rao’s Village Clinic T.Begur Nelamangala taluk, Bangalore rural District.

    Outreach Work:


    With our Regular program we involve some humanity based emergency action work, in 2018 flood affected areas in KERALA & KODAGU from IPDP ,we with Impact India consortium and FEVOURD – K network we organized food and emergency needed Items from Target Corporation Employees who donated in Kind Materials to flood affected areas. We personally went to KERALA & KODAGU flood affected Areas and distributed the food Items to the victims of flood affected in the Areas. We raised more than 5 lakhs worth food Items from Various companies and Volunteers Rotary Clubs and distributed to the Victims.

    Urban Homeless Interventions:


    Since 2016 IPDP is involved with Impact India Consortium and is working with the Urban homeless people for the betterment of urban homeless in Bangalore District, these urban homeless mainly face the problems in rainy season, winter and summer season also, their situation is hectic, not even basic amenities like water, electricity toilets is available for women. The situations are really very pathetic during their monthly cycles .Hence we are working for the shelter facilities for the homeless demanding the govt., for the shelter and safe environment because they are all our Indian citizens but due to many reasons they are in street therefore we are working with Impact India consortium and IGH (Institute for Global Homelessness) to end the homelessness and we believe that it will bring a great change in the people’s lives.