• About Us :


    Integrated Development of Children and Women in the Society without Exploitation.


    Educating and empowering the target group to become self-reliant and sustainable through active participation in Socio. Economic and political development activities.

    Background of IPDP:

    Integrated Project for Development of People (IPDP) marked its beginning in the year 2004 by a handful number of social workers and likeminded people, who always wish to serve the poor, marginalized, disadvantaged and other vulnerable people in the society. The main focus was on education, health, basic amenities for the needy in the community, vocational training in order to create awareness on women empowerment as well as child rights. The exact plan was successfully executed through trainings, workshops and direct exposure visits through a sustainable approach including participative intervention in the community. Services and Awareness is always our top priority in all of our programs. Our role as a Facilitator between the Community and the Government has successfully yielded fruitful results. We organize various kinds of awareness programs for the slum communities. We have always made sure to get ready the community to fight for their demands from the concern departments.

    Aims of The Organisation:

    Welfare and Development of all Children up to 18 years, Empowerment and Development of Women in the Society and Community Development without discrimination irrespective of caste, colour and creed in the Society.

    Core Objectives of The Trust:

    1. Welfare and Development and empowerment of the urban and rural poor.
    2. To promote awareness of various social issues, including health, education, gender discrimination, human rights and legal entitlement.
    3. To provide Vocational skills training for young people in the slums.
    4. To conduct workshops and seminars on issues relating to women and children.
    5. To establish child communication networks within and between schools.
    6. To campaign and lobby on behalf of those we support, at the level of both state and national Government.
    7. To provide pre-primary education & non formal education for poor children in the slum communities.
    8. To provide food for Government & aided school children in Karnataka.
    9. To provide services for disabled widows & senior citizens for the needy people.
    10. To organize self help groups & helping the women in incoming generation Activities.
    11. To provide counseling services for women to overcome from their domestic violence and other issues in their families or work places.
    12. To provide health service.

    Goals of IPDP:

    1. Provide free education for poor children in slum communities.
    2. Provide skill training for the needy group for the livelihood.
    3. Provide healthy quality nutritional food for the target group.
    4. To create a healthy environment in the society.
    5. To eliminate Child labour system in the society by creating awareness on child labour rehabilitation and main streaming in to formal education.
    6. To create job opportunities and self employment opportunities for women in the Areas.
    7. To provide various services for poor food, clothes and shelter facilities.
    8. To provide required/essential services for the disabled, widows and old aged people in the slum.
    9. To form self help groups for women’s as a savings and credit program to support for their income generation activities.
    10. To run shelters for poor to facilitate education and development related services.
    11. To provide counseling services for needy women’s in the project areas.
    12. To organize and provide various services to women’s for their empowerment in the society.
    13. To provide services for homeless people in the city for their dignity and lead a dignified life in their end of the life.
    14. To provide legal support and services for the deserved/ needy in the marginalized community.

    Current Programmes of the TRUST:

    1. NCLP (National child labor project) Special School for 50 Children.
    2. Pre-primary Education (Creche) for 90 children.
    3. Akshara Dasoha (Mid Day Meal programme) 11500 children.
    4. SHG (Self help group) Savings and thrift programme for 15800 Members.
    5. Residential Hostel for 60 poor children.
    6. Skill Training Program (Computer literacy) Spoken English, Basics & Retails, and Personality Development (Job oriented course) for 240 needy students.
    7. Poverty Alleviation Programme 2 slum communities.
    8. Feeding programme for 300 Senior Citizen.
    9. feeding for health camp patients at Dr. Ramana Rao Village Clinic for 1200 patients every Sunday last 11 years.